Kenya CArter.jpg

Kenya C.


"Twin Cities Recovery Social Club has given me the hope of remaining clean even longer. I saw other addicts who've been clean longer than myself enjoying life dancing, playing cards, shooting pool, clean and serene at the club. Now it has given me a social life and I can do the same. It also has given me a chance to prove that I am trustworthy while serving in the concession Department, and I am grateful for all that it offers to me in my new life."

gabby chavis.jpg

Gabby C.

"The club has helped me in many ways. Knowing I don't have to drink today and that I can party without a drink. It has showed me how to live again and have fun doing it. I have my life back. Thank God for a sober club."


Cardie J.

"I've been an active member of the Twin Cities Recovery Club Grief Group since it first began in 2016. It has motivated me to become in touch with my emotions on how grief can affect every day life. It has given me the knowledge to help and support others. It has been an amazing experience."