Social Club



At TCRSC we understand that the whole person’s needs must be met. We believe that the focus of social interaction is the missing link to support ongoing recovery. Why? Being social is a part of human nature. Therefore, our goal is to assist those seeking recovery, by providing them a safe place to have enjoyment, an atmosphere free from mood-altering substances and the stigma associated with addiction/substance abuse disorder.

We host dances (DJ), play cards, dominoes, fellowship, and ultimately the participants are able to make new recovery connections which in turn helps them to stay engaged and grounded in their recovery process.


Grief Group

grief group.jpg

The TCRSC Grief Support Program is a support group that assist participants in the process of grieving recent and past losses, (grief is not limited to death, but also childhood trauma, broken relationships, loss of jobs, etc).

By attending an 8-week curriculum on grief, participants will have gained the ability to recognize the cause of their grief, an understanding and recognition of their emotions, and the emotional stages during the grieving process. Participants will also have an increased knowledge of the key definitions of components associated with grief, and ultimately, they will be able to demonstrate improved emotional well-being, behaviors consistent with healing process, in hopes of reaching a level of acceptance. 




President/CEO Marc Johnigan currently leads TCRSC outreach team. Mr. Johnigan is a trained Peer specialist and often presents at seminars, workshops, and recovery programs. TCRSC Outreach goal is to engage in the community and bring awareness to unrecognized and unidentified trauma and substance use disorder. Mr. Johnigan is always looking for new opportunities for public speaking centered around substance use disorder. TCRSC seeks to reach the community in an unorthodox, non- judgmental, and holistic approach.

The TCRSC team is also committed (by way of outreach) to connecting and supporting families by performing memorials to support those whom have suffered tragic loss, as well as encouraging them to join the TCRSC Grief Support Program.


There are many walking around today, struggling emotionally, and they can’t identify where their depression, fear, and hopeless feelings are coming from. I believe, for many, it’s attached to unaddressed trauma and grief.
— Marc Johnigan, President and CEO